A Seed Inventory

I’m currently working on my seed inventory, to double check what I have, what I want to plant this year, and what I will save for next year.

I’m aiming to plant about half of my seeds, in bi-weekly or monthly successions. This way I will have a continuous harvest throughout the spring, summer, and fall. I also have a few winter plant varieties, but it will be an interesting experiment to see if I can get anything to grow during the winter!

Plant varieties on my list for this year:

  • Scarlet Emperor runner beans – Phaseolus coccineus
  • Venture Blue Lake bush beans – Phaseolus vulgaris
  • Green Arrow shelling peas – Pisum sativum
  • Sugar Lace II snap peas – Pisum sativum

Welcome to The Amber Lily

Welcome to the new home of The Amber Lily. We will be sharing our garden journey via this blog.

The Amber Lily community is a friendly garden discussion group for helping each other with planting, growing, harvesting, and otherwise developing our gardens, large or small.

We also have an Etsy shop, for seeds, garden artwork, vintage books, and other garden related collectibles.

We’ve got lots planned so stay tuned for future posts and resources.