Grade 4 and Preschool: Term #3, Day #2

— Make a peaceful home where learning happens.

— Little kids may come to work at the table, or play freely as they wish.

  • 8:20
    • First class: English Language Arts and Visual Art.
    • Art: Drawing, coloring, cutting, gluing, stickers.
    • Reading: Robert Frost, Dust of Snow.
    • Dictation: Robert Frost, Dust of Snow. Discussion, illustration.
    • Writing (T + L): Letters. Handwriting Without Tears. Review. New letters: V, W, X.
    • Spelling: The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. Lesson 42: Ending Blend: CK. Page 94. The ABC’s and All Their Tricks. Page 99.
    • Grammar: First Language Lessons Level 3. Lesson 32. Diagramming sentences.
  • 12:00
    • Quiet reading.
    • Read and Repeat (T + L): Phil Roxbee Cox, Fox on a Box. Phil Roxbee Cox, Frog on a Log.
  • 12:20
    • Second Class: Mathematics.
    • Workbook: Jump Math 4.2: Decimals. Page 266, 267, 268.
    • Little kids have naps or quiet play time.

Daily Schedule: Home Routine