Self Sufficiency

A question was asked to me today, and it got me thinking. What are some tangible life skills you wish you had or would like to learn?

I would like to learn the skills I need to become more self-sufficient, which basically means being able to contribute more to towards satisfying our basic needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. At this time, we grow a garden, cook, take care of our home, manage our finances, and home-school our kids. However, these skills have come with quite a learning curve and we are far from actually self-sufficient.

My goal with this website is to record some of that learning curve for the benefit of others, to encourage them that they are not alone in this journey and perhaps to save them the trouble of making the same mistakes as I have. 🙂

Spring Break – 2017

It’s such a blessing to begin a new season! Spring always seems like such a joy to me with it’s brighter and warmer days, after winter’s darkness and coldness. We are happy to officially begin spring and Spring Break today. This season holds another treasure for us as a family: we await the birth of a new baby any day now. Everything is as ready as possible, and any extra events or tasks of our schedule are paused. Basic household chores naturally continue, as do stories, games, park days, and visits with family and friends.

May you also have a happy Spring Break, full of joy as a new season of life begins!