Aileen Fisher

Aileen Fisher was a writer of children’s picture books and poetry, as well as biographies, Bible themed books, plays, and articles for magazines and journals. In 1978 she was awarded the second National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children.

Born: September 9, 1906, USA

Died: December 2, 2002, USA

Poetry collections:

  • The Coffee-Pot Faces, McBride Company, 1933
  • Up the Windy Hill: A Book of Merry Verses with Silhouettes, Abelard Press, 1953
  • My Cat Has Eyes of Sapphire Blue, Crowell, 1973
  • Feathered Ones and Furry, HarperCollins, 1979
  • Rabbits, Rabbits, Harper & Row, 1983
  • Always Wondering: Some Favorite Poems of Aileen Fisher, HarperCollins, 1991
  • You Don’t Look Like Your Mother, Mondo, 2001
  • I Heard a Bluebird Singing; Cullinan, Bernice (compiler); Boyds Mills Press; 2002

Natural history:

  • All on a Mountain Day Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1956
  • Going Barefooted, Crowell, 1960
  • Summer of Little Rain, Thomas Nelson, 1961
  • Where Does Everyone Go?, Crowell, 1961
  • Listen, Rabbit, T. Y. Crowell, 1964
  • In the Woods, In the Meadow, In the Sky, Scribner, 1962
  • In the Middle of the Night, Crowell, 1965
  • Valley of the Smallest: The Life of the Shrew, T. Y. Crowell, 1966
  • Feathered Ones and Furry, Harper Collins, 1979
  • The Story Goes On, Roaring Brook Press, 2005


  • A Lantern in the Window, T. Nelson, 1957
  • Going Barefoot, T. Y. Crowell, 1960
  • Secret in the Barrel, Scholastic Books, 1965
  • Best Little House, T. Y. Crowell, 1966
  • My Mother and I, T. Y. Crowell, 1967
  • We Went Looking, T. Y. Crowell, 1968
  • Clean as a Whistle, T. Y. Crowell, 1969

Source: Wikipedia – Aileen Fisher