Teaching Children to Get Along and Share

by Cheri Meiners 

There is a nice series of books by Cheri Meiners that is suitable to teach young children to share, talk through their feelings, and get along to make friends. There are also books on listening, following the rules, and staying safe. The sentences are simple and sweet, and easy for young children to read and understand.

The books in this series include:

  • Join In and Play
  • Cool Down and Work Through Anger
  • Talk and Work it Out
  • Share and Take Turns
  • Be Polite and Kind
  • Respect and Care of Things
  • When I Feel Afraid
  • Listen and Learn
  • Be Careful and Stay Safe
  • Understand and Care
  • Know and Follow the Rules
  • Accept and Value Each Person

This is a great series for a home or school library. The books have so many great ideas to help children learn to be thoughtful, kind, and respectful of others.