Picture Book Studies

Here are some example lessons that can be done with any book. You can do any or all of the examples, depending on your time, your goals, and the interest of your students. It may take one to ten days, or even up to twenty days if your students are interested in long, detailed stories and reports, and many detailed drawings. It would require a lot of focus to do all seven examples, even briefly, in one day, but again, it is possible if your students are interested and dedicated. Generally, one to two days would be great for an overview, and five to ten days would be sufficient for depth studies of all seven examples.

  1. Read a story to your students.
  2. Ask them to read the story to you, taking turns by page, or reading as long as a student feels comfortable.
  3. Ask them to write out what the story was about and draw a picture.
  4. Ask them to write their own story using their own selection of words from the story you read.
  5. Ask them to write a story about their own winter adventure.
  6. Learn about the animals, people, and/or places mentioned in the story.
  7. Draw the animals, people and/or places.