Our Story

Since 2011, The Amber Lily has aspired to be a sustainable family garden which also serves its community by promoting local food production, local arts and crafts, and local family businesses.

As of 2018, we are adding the goal of being a zero-waste company. What that means for us is that we aim to send nothing to a landfill. We will reduce what we need, reuse what we can, recycle as much as possible, and compost the rest. We are using up materials we already have in our studio, and from now on we will aim to use biodegradable, recycleable, upcycled, low-impact, locally-sourced, and renewably-sourced supplies, materials, products, and packaging.

In 2019, we have added beautiful, good quality vintage items to our shop. We believe that by giving new purpose to older things, we can lower our collective environmental impact.

Thank you for your support!


Kitchen Stewardship

The 100 Mile Diet

Going Zero Waste

My Plastic Free Life