The following pages contain a collection of information we have found useful for the effective organization of our home and school.

I hope you find some useful things here too. 🙂

Getting Started – The thought of homeschooling your child or children can be overwhelming. Here are some steps you can take to make it simple.

A List of Lists – These lists of books, movies, and music that we have enjoyed are conveniently arranged according to age-appropriateness.

Activity Links – These are our go-to links for activities, as well as links we have been referred to that look interesting.

My Bookshelf – These are my favorite books on friendship, marriage, pregnancy, babies, children, homeschooling, health, life, and faith.

Old Books – This is a list of old, public domain books that I’ve come across that look interesting, arranged by grades.

Archives – This is a list of all of our posts, starting from the beginning in September 2019.